Sea freight

Sea freight is the most economical way to move cargo over long distances.

Sea freight is the most widely used option in international freight transport. It is also the most affordable and environmentally friendly choice when transporting goods over long distances. Sea freight is best suited for shipments where the shipping price should be as low as possible and when you can plan the shipment some time in advance. Sometimes it may be the only option for transporting large, heavy, or dangerous goods between continents.

We at SG Logistics have extensive experience with transport by sea and cooperate with all the largest shipping companies in the world. Through our global network of partners, we can help you get the goods safely from door to door.

We can offer the following services in sea transport:

FCL - Full Container Load

It is the typical choice when the load fills more than half a container or if you have goods that are very sensitive to reloading. We can offer FCL with several different container types.

LCL - Less than Container Load

When you need smaller quantities of goods transported, we can, through our network, consolidate your interests in a container together with goods from other shippers. It provides good utilization of the container and is, therefore, a good choice in terms of price and environment. By sending smaller quantities more frequently, you can also achieve a better flow in your value chain. Our LCL service is reliable, and the goods are handled gently and safely.

Break-Bulk Cargo / Out of Gauge (OOG)

Due to size or weight, goods that do not fit in a container can be sent on a flatbed or as Break-bulk cargo, where cargo is stored separately on a ship. Our location, in the middle of a maritime cluster of equipment suppliers and shipyards, has given us extensive experience with transports of this type, whether the cargo goes with RO-RO ships, as deck cargo, with a chartered boat, or in other ways. We will find the solution that suits you best.

Our sea freight department is ready to:

  • Organize the collection of goods from the sender
  • Advise on how the load should be packed/stored
  • Find the best departures based on your needs
  • Issue necessary documents
  • Advise on how to secure payment using a letter of credit (LC)
  • Make sure that th shipment is adequately insured
  • Make sure that the goods are shipped according to your specifications
  • Make sure you have the necessary export and import licenses.
  • Declare your goods for export and import
  • Organize delivery from port to the final destination
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